At Nature Pacific, our top priorities are focused on ocean conservation and related land management that would lead to vibrant and sustainable marine environment.  We want to help sustain and restore marine resources, especially coral reefs, that shall remain ecologically healthy and protected.


   coral reef


  • Coral reefs are among the most valuable ecosystems on Earth, providing humankind with billions of dollars in economic and environmental services such as food, recreation, coastal protection, and tourism. However, climate change, over-fishing, and increased sea- or land-based pollution, have resulted in unprecedented depletion and stresses.  To protect coral reefs, we must organize and fund restoration programs, and help local communities learn and implement business models that are sustainable in the long term.



  • A marine protected area (MPA) is a coastal or offshore marine area that is clearly defined, dedicated and managed to protect its natural and/or cultural resources. One of the most effective means to achieve long-term conservation, MPAs help maintain biodiversity, protect spawning and nursery habitats, and promote nature-based education, recreation, and tourism.



  • Sustainability of our oceans as healthy, diverse and productive fishing grounds to feed an ever-growing human population depends on concerted and constructive efforts by governments, conservation organizations, citizens, and the fishing industry itself.  A key action is to educate the public how to choose and encourage them to consume seafood responsibly and sustainably.



  • Ecotourism is low-impact and small-scale tourism with an aim to preserve ecosystems and protect local cultures. At relatively undisturbed areas, a connotation of ecotourism puts more emphasis on protecting the natural environment.  Ecotourism is sustainable development.  For pristine marine areas, such as Palau, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and the Coral Triangle, promoting ecotourism is essential such that future generations may get to experience and enjoy – for years to come.