Ecotourism in Palau

by Austin Yeung 2017-08-3

This summer, I am back to Palau with a team of three friends, William Huang, Nigel Yang and Sebastian Charmot, from Shanghai American School (SAS) to conduct independent research on eco-tourism in Palau. We visited U.S. Ambassador Amy Hyatt and USDA Officer Paul Lake at the U.S. Embassy in Koror. Our first time in a U.S. Embassy and on American soil in a foreign country!

With the help of Ambassador Hyatt and Mr. Lake, we met with a number of Palau government officials and interviewed them on  environmental policies set in place – by the Palauan government – to conserve and preserve.  We explore, through inquiry-based learning and our own questionaires, how  Palau can protect its conservation success, yet further its eco-tourism industry.

It has been a great experience for all of us. And I am glad I had the privilege and honor in leading this expedition.