The Omega Principle: the quest for long life & healthier planet

by TNP Editor 2020-11-19

Another book we recommend: The Omega Principle┬áis a thought provoking tome on the origin and consequences of a popular diet supplement – Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega PrincipleWhile there are hardly any doubts about the benefits of Omega-3s, essential for healthy hearts and sharper minds, the global sensation of Omega-3s has engendered a vast, feverish effort to extract and exploit.

As Omega-3s are mostly derived from fish and other marine products, millions of marine life are involved, and unfortunately in some cases, the survival of “fish of all kinds” and many ocean creatures are at stake.

Here, Paul Greenberg, the bestselling author of Four Fish and American Catch, reviews the fascinating history of Omega-3s, from the dawn of complex life to human prehistory, when seafood consumption might have helped human’s cognitive leaps, then to the modern era, when Omega-3s are now firmly in the public conscience and entwined in our global food supply chains.

This book speaks to and advocates sustainable seafood harvesting practices and how we could pursue better health and longevity with responsible quests.