American Catch: the fight for our local seafood

by TNP Editor 2018-12-12

American Catch is a fascinating book by Paul Greenberg, bestselling author of Four Fish. It narrates the story of why and how American seafood exports have exploded in recent years. And, by contrast,  how Americans have come to import much of the seafood they eat.

American oysters, shrimp and salmon are amongst the wild seafood being exported. Sockeye salmon, with its most nutritionally dense proteins, is especially prized by many around the world.

At the same time, 91% of the seafood Americans consume are imports – wild and farmed.

Greenberg reviewed the challenges the seafood industry faces and how precious renewable resources can be better protected by fishermen, environmentalists and local authorities alike.

This is a good read on how we can change our consumption patterns and become more sustainable in what we eat and how we catch.