An internship at SWIMS

My summer internship at SWIMS

Austin at SWIMS 2015by Austin Yeung 2015-08-13

Just had an exciting ‘two-week’ summer internship at The Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS) in Hong Kong.  Many thanks to Prof. Baker for allowing me to be in his lab – which is really ‘everywhere’ — from the work bench within SWIMS at Cape D’Aguilar, where I got to work with Phil to quantify photo effects on coral/algae symbiosis, to ‘sitting in’ on department seminars with the folks from the Baker Lab on the HKU main campus, to ‘exploring and snorkeling’ Lantau and Nine Pins Islands, where Nico led us in surveying and collecting coral specimens for “paleoecological studies.”

Exciting projects and truly fun and smart people!  I learned a lot.

pH, nitrate and phosphate levels in Hong Kong Waters

by Austin Yeung 2015-08-09

Recently, with the help of my father, I collected water samples from Kaneoke Bay, Hawaii and various parts of Hong Kong.  My goal is to compare the pH, nitrate and phosphate levels of these sea water samples, using aquarium-type test agents purchased from the aquarium store in Hong Kong.

The results are interesting.  The Shek O sample has highest pH whereas the Kaneohe Bay sample has medium pH and the Gold Coast sample has the lowest pH value. For phosphate, the Kaneohe Bay sample has the lowest reading, whereas the Gold Coast sample again has the highest.